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Anita Ewbank - Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

My journey started after giving birth to my two children, and coping with the hectic family life that ensued. I found that I had gained a tremendous amount of weight and wasn't happy or healthy anymore, so I joined a slimming group. It was great as I lost the weight I had gain, but unfortunately it wasn’t sustainable and I put on even more weight! I had been thinking of joining a gym but just didn’t have the confidence, so a year ago I decided to ask Rose to help me get fit and lose my weight.

I have to say that the start of my journey to lose weight with the help from Rose was extremely difficult. I couldn’t even jog around a small field to warm up without having to stop and this was before starting my work out!! There were times when I just wanted to give up, but having Rose to help me through and believe in me gave me the motivation and confidence to carry on. 

A year on I can go for a run, sprint and workout without huffing and puffing. Rose has been a fabulous support in helping me with both my training as well as from a nutritional perspective to. I’ve lost weight and lots of inches, and feel much more confident, happy and healthy now. My journey is far from over, but with the continued support from Rose and Ändra I am certain I will achieve my ultimate goal weight.

PhysioNeeds Heanor - Simon Foskett, Physiotherapist

Nutrition and wellbeing is at the top of my list when it comes to personal priorities. I find it can help my focus, in addition to self-esteem and energy. For this reason it is a staple bit of advice for my patients. The best part about it, is that it can mean completely different things for each individual - whether they are aiming towards a specific goal or simply coming out the better side of an injury.

Within Physiotherapy we use a bio-psycho-social approach. This means we address things holistically and take into account all factors involved with a person’s injury or problem. From experience a good recovery training plan, and a solid nutrition grounding are heavily involved in recovery.

Admittedly as Physiotherapists we aren’t specialists in all areas and unfortunately don’t always have the opportunity to follow all patients back into their hobby or sport. This is where we like to make the most of close links like Ändra. Previously this has involved a nutritional plan, core strengthening through Pilates, or a personal training plan uniquely designed to achieve the last 10% of an individual’s rehabilitation. We are fortunate to have a strong link with Ändra, and as a result can nurture clients throughout the entirety of their health and recovery journey - not just providing them with the treatment they need right now.

nutritionist derby

nutritionist derby

Sam Smith - High Performance Sailor

I came to Ändra with the aim of putting on 4kg so that I could be more competitive in the Olympic 470 sailing class. I felt that Rose would be able to help give me a program that would give me the best chance to gain muscle mass instead of just weight. 

I found that the food diaries and diet planning really helped me to get the most out of the gym work I have been doing. One of the things that I found worked particularly well was that when optimising, my diet we tried not to change very much. By only doing small changes it has made it easier for me to keep on top of my diet even when I am away doing events. We also tracked skinfolds which provided me with a good indication to whether I was gaining in muscle or just fat. 

Since starting my program I have gained 2kg of muscle, and am continuing this program with a further 2kg to gain in the near future.  I have been able to stay competitive even at the higher level of sailing that I aspire to get to, and make the most of each competition and training session. 

nutritionist derby

Lemon & Lime Interiors - Corporate Wellness

When Rose initially started taking our office Pilates class I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I had never done it before, I am not very flexible and have previously suffered with lower back pain as a result of previous jobs roles where I would sit at a desk most of my day. Needless to say I was a bit anxious that I wouldn’t be very good at it. 

We are now in our second month of sessions and I have seen a huge improvement in my posture, flexibility and no longer suffer from little niggles in my lower back. Each session we focus on stretching and strengthening a specific area but I still feel like I’ve had a whole body work out. Rose is great at targeting certain problem areas of your body and making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. What I love most about the session is the mixture of exercises, no session is ever the same. It might be one week focusing on abs and one week focusing on our back posture, it keeps it interesting. 

Rose is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoy each session as we have such a laugh. She also has the patients of a saint as our office struggles to remember our left and rights! I would highly recommend Rose’s Pilates classes for all abilities and urge you to give it a go.