7 Healthy Living Tips!

7 tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Knowing how to live healthily can be a struggle for all of us at different times in our lives. There’s so much information out there suggesting how we might live more healthily, with advice ranging from the overly complicated to the downright extreme! So I’ve compiled a list of easy healthy living tips that you can follow that will help to improve your physical and mental wellbeing...

1)     Sleep

It may seem obvious but sleep is one of the most important factors in our physical and mental health. Getting enough sleep can help with weight loss, cognitive performance and even reduce cravings! Don’t worry if you struggle to get in 8 hours a night though – studies have shown that including an hour’s nap in your day can have an almost equal effect to getting a full 8 hours overnight!

2)    Vegetables

Including vegetables as much as possible really is key to healthy living, and will provide huge range of vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning optimally. Be inventive in the ways you ad veg to meals and snacks – spiralise, liquidise, dip, roast and even disguise in desserts!

3)    Protein

Not only significant if you hit the gym daily, protein is important for keeping you full throughout the day in addition to muscle repair and growth. Including protein in every meal and snack will help if you are dieting, struggling with hunger, or just generally feel run down.

4)    Hydration

Everybody seems to be aware these days of the benefits of staying hydrated for your skin and for staying alert. Carrying a bottle with you at home, work and the gym reminds you to keep drinking all day long, and help you to track your daily fluid intake.

5)    Get outside

Not always possible in the UK when the weather can be so bleak and unpredictable at times, but it will do wonders for your mental health as well as increasing your daily activity. Going for a short walk outside after work or in your lunchbreak is enough to give your mood a boost and stretch out muscles that become cramped from a day sitting at a desk.

6)    Decaffeinate

So many of us are guilty of relying on that morning cappuccino to wake us up, or that midday espresso to get us through until home-time. What you might not realise though is how much it is affecting your sleep… caffeine stays in your system for 6-14 hours, meaning that 3pm coffee can still be in your system by the time you get in to bed! Going decaff for a week, or switching to fruit or herbal teas for a time could significantly improve your sleep quality and overall health and wellbeing.

7)    Relax

Easy to say, not so easy to put into practice! Stress is a factor in many of our lives that can affect both our mental and physical health. It can contribute to water retention, bloating and weight gain (especially in women), and even affect digestive issues. Notoriously tricky to combat, tips to help reduce stress include meditation, yoga, going for a walk outside or even just chatting with friends. A healthy lifestyle should definitely include some down-time - time to yourself where you can truly switch off.


Please add your comments and thoughts below with your healthy living tips! What helps you to feel mentaly and physically healthy, and what lifestyle advice would you give others who are struggling?