Balance Meals - Healthy Food, Zero Prep

So you want to eat healthily, maybe shed a few pounds or get a bit fitter. But by the time you get home after work, you’re shattered and starving and just need some food NOW.

We’ve all experienced that HANGER that hits so suddenly and so brutally there’s nothing you can do but open up the snack cupboard, and before you know it you’ve eaten 26 bowls of cereal, and half a loaf of bread.

People tell you that with a little organisation you CAN eat healthily. And you’ve seen so many meal prep photos on Instagram now your brain hurts. But by the time you get a few hours free on a weekend, the LAST thing you want to do is to spend it slaving away in the kitchen. So Monday comes around again and you fall into the same routine of rushing around trying to fit everything into your daily schedule, not really thinking about what you’re going to eat until it’s too late again.


What if there really was an alternative?


Meal prep companies have emerged and been growing steadily over the last few years. They aim to provide you with healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that you just have to heat up and enjoy. They are useful as replacements for ready meal which are so often packed with salt, sugar and additives to make them taste okay and last on the shelves. The difference with meal prep companies, is that they freshly cook their meals and deliver them to your door, so there is no need for them to be packed with chemicals as they will be eaten within a few days of delivery.

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I had the privilege of trying out the meal prep company Balance Meals for myself so that I can give an informed review when advising busy clients on their options.


I chose the Grow and Gain plan, not for any particular reason other than the meals looked tasty, I’m quite active every day and I’m not really wanting to lose any weight at the minute. First impressions when they were delivered was that they were packaged really well and ALL the packaging was recyclable – a massive tick in my books! I did have to do some fridge rearranging but they did stack and store really well, and bonus – I now have a tonne more Tupperware.


In terms of the food, I had 3 very decent sized meals each day, and one sweet snack. On the whole the meals were really tasty, almost all included a tasty sauce and there was a good variety in what I had. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I got a little bit bored of kale by the end of the week, but apart from that the food was high quality, super fresh and really tasty. My definite favourites were the tofu with rice and the salmon with sweet potato mash.


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To be perfectly honest it was a bit of a departure for me eating three big meals and only one snack each day. I tend to be more of a grazer throughout the day having smaller meals particularly for lunch, and then having a few snacks over the course of the afternoon. However, the meals provided by Balance were so filling I really didn’t feel the need to snack, and it was nice to save the sweet treats for after dinner.

I can’t deny that Balance Meals made my week super easy – I didn’t have to worry about food shopping (I left Simon to fend for himself the whole week much to his disappointment!), and as long as I remembered to take my lunch pack in to work, I was set.

No hanger, no spending ages deciding what I want to eat. Just simple convenience in a healthy package.

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Now of course nothing is ever perfect… As somebody who loves cooking it was very strange to have my fridge filled with Tupperware instead of fresh ingredients, and I did find myself creating meals in my head for dinner before remembering that I had a Balance meal waiting for me. But for those of you who don’t relish time in the kitchen, or simply want their evening free to do things other than cook, Balance is a really great option.


The only downside of Balance for some of you reading this will be the price point. They are very competitive with other meal prep companies in terms of price, however they do still come in between £19 and £30 per day depending on which plan you choose. But do bear in mind that this should include ALL of your daily food. So if you’re someone who will spend between £10 and 15 on lunch and snacking throughout the day, it will work out quite similar price-wise and almost certainly be healthier for you.


Overall, I was very impressed with Balance Meals. They are a good source of fresh and healthy food that involve the most minimal effort possible. They suit busy individuals, or those who simply don’t want to spend hours cooking and preparing food.

If you’re interested in Balance Meals, check them out via the link here and enter code andra20 for 20% off your first order. Let us know what you think!