How to Get Back on Track

Now is the time of year when many of you will have just come back off holiday, maybe the kids have gone back to school, you’re just getting back into your ‘normal’ routine and feeling like you need to make your health and fitness a priority again after a summer of eating and drinking. It is scary how quickly you can lose track of your goals with a little time away - weight can creep back up on you after one too many cocktails and all-inclusive hotel stays, those gym sessions or runs may feel a little tougher than they did a couple of months ago, and your energy levels are altogether lower. This isn’t helped by the weather turning colder, and nights drawing in.

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But don’t get downhearted. You can get back on track in a few simple steps and actually come back stronger and fitter than you were before the summer!

1)    Acceptance. Accept that if you’ve had some time off, you won’t be as strong or as fit as you were before. Accept that you may have put on a few pounds, but that it’s okay. In reality, a short break may have done you the world of good, not only physically allowing your body to fully recover from a rigorous training routine before, but also mentally giving you some headspace and allowing you to come back and enjoy training again.

2)    Goal Setting. This is a really good opportunity for you to make new goals, or renew old ones and start afresh. Think about not only WHAT you want to achieve, but WHY you want to achieve it. Though they can be time consuming to set, goals can really help with motivation to train and eat well. When you’re struggling, you can look back and remember what you’re working towards and why, keeping you on track.

3)    Planning. As well as setting goals, to help you to stick to a new programme it is helpful to plan in training sessions and meals in advance. It prevents skipping sessions or reaching for unhealthy, fast food when you’ve not shopped or done any preparation. Put in your diary when you are going to go to the gym, go on a run, go to a class, even walk to dog! Then on a weekend, make a list of what you’re going to eat at least for dinners every day throughout the week from which you can create a shopping list.

4)    Enlist Help. This might be a training buddy who can motivate you through workouts. It may be a partner that can help create and cook super tasty meals with you. Or it may be a professional – a Personal Trainer to help with fitness, a Nutritionist to help with your diet, or a Physiotherapist to help with any niggles that you may need sorting out. If you have people around you who will support you in your goals and your journey, you are so much more likely to succeed and enjoy the process.

5)    Enjoy it. Make sure that you’re not creating a programme such that you are going to burn out, becoming tired and bored after the first week. Create varied gym sessions, go to different classes that you might never have done before, try a new sport, search recipe books for tasty and healthy meals that you’ve never cooked and get creative! There’s absolutely no point in living in a way that is overly restrictive, boring and stale. You should be creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, that you love living!

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