Run With Us

Whether you are a seasoned runner looking to hit a new PB, or you have never run before in your life, we are the group for you! We cater for all abilities and ages, and run several sessions each week to suit your timetable. We can help improve your running performance, not only through training sessions, but also through our physiotherapy and nutrition expertise. 

Join us on Fridays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7.30pm


Join our Strava running group and be a part of our stats for this week!


Where the running group meets

Unless otherwise stated in our training schedule below, we meet at the Andra Health Clinic in Melbourne. Our address is:

5 Derby Road, Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE73 8FE

We are next to the Post Office and opposite Harpurs pub.

We meet on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm and a Friday morning at 9.30am

All we ask is that you bring along a £1 donation to run with us, which will go towards funding monthly group socials and club merchandise for you very soon.

What if I can't run?

Don't worry! You can come along and train with us no matter what your running level or experience. If you have never run before, don't feel very confident running or can't run without stopping we are here to help you.

Each session has both a fast paced runner option, and a slower run / walk option. You are more than welcome to run with us anywhere in between these, and we can help you structure your running or run / walking to help you get fitter and enjoy being active. 

Running Club Melbourne Derbyshire

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

Training this Week

Each week we will add our training route and runs here. Check in for updates!

Re-Visit to Loop-de-Loop - a post by Andra Health

We are revisiting a classic to get you all along! The best bit is, you can do as many loops as you like! Each loop is 4.5km! See you tomorrow!